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Merchants – Kilmarnock KA1 3DB

My sources tell me that a well known operator is looking at the site for a new venture.

What sources tell me would appear to be a right load of old bollocks!……….time marches on!!!!!!!!!!

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House of Chou – Kilmarnock KA1 1BD


May possibly re open before Christmas

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Loon Fung – Stockbridge EH3 5LE

Don’t get to Scotland’s second city much but I had been press ganged into a 3 day break in “Auld Reekie” by the She Devil to find that its still full of enthusiastic tourists being thoroughly fleeced by torn faced Edinburgh shop and bar keepers.

I had to make a trip to the Loon Fung at Stockbridge to celebrate all that’s old fashioned and good about Chinese food and I wasn’t disappointed especially by my all time fav starter steamed spare ribs in black bean sauce. Not a lot of eating in them but lots of sooking and an after taste you will never forget for the rest of your life. Scores a great 8!

That I have to say was the highlight of the stay apart from walking about the city taking great pleasure in pointing half of Japan to countless tourist attractions whilst locals made an art form of ignoring them. I’m not saying I’m in any way cynical about tourism in Edinburgh but when you get Pakistani’s selling kilts on The Royal mile I think its time to take stock.

Well the old adage that there is more fun at a Glasgow stabbing than there is at an Edinburgh wedding still holds water and I’m now thankfully, suitably ensconced back in the West none the worse for my ordeal.

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Spice Indian Restaurant East Kilbride G74 4HX

A must try! Good food, tasteful décor and an exceptional level of service which I hope they will maintain (don’t get greedy boys) They have a piano bar which serves as a holding area and I think this could go the distance if they keep up the good work.Head waiter bears an uncanny resemblance to Sammy Davis Jnr and given this is a piano bar perhaps you could get the “Brat Pack” turning up. EK deserves at least one good curry house however a must book at weekends.!! Scores 8.5.

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Curry Leaf AKA Masala Twist Byres Rd Glasgow G12 8SN AKA Massala Twist

Been 3 times in the space of a year and I enjoyed the food every time…service was good and the prices were very good considering they are in the middle of Byres Rd. Tapas style menu and great transport links with the Hillhead Subway forming part of their takeaway counter…only joking! Scores a 7.5.

Update 1st March 2012

Its been taken over recently and given a stupid trendy name which I can’t remember………. made me think nah I’ll pass.

I really liked the old name and the tapas menu, whether the food is any good will remain a mystery for the time being.

Update 28th March 2012
Stop Press apparently its now called Masala Twist………well here’s hoping the scran is better than the moniker.

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Nakodar Restaurant – Annfield Place off Duke St Glasgow G31 2XQ

Not an area of the town that I would go looking for food however a recommendation took us there earlier this year. The restaurant has a reasonable standard of décor however it was a bit diy in some aspects. We asked for a cosy table as it was cold outside however we ended up at a really drafty window table and on reflection we should have asked for a change. The food was served on cold plates (ARRRGHH! amateur hour) and the place setting consisted of a very large metal plate on which your dinner plate was placed…looks great but just absorbed even more heat from the dish. The food was average and it would take a lot to get me back. Scores a 3.5 however it’s got good potential.

Kublai Khan’s Mongolian Banquet – Candleriggs Glasgow G1 1LD

Awful…to be avoided at all cost. DIY Mongolian?…I’m not sure what this restaurant is all about but having tried it once that was enough. I ended up with a large plate of everything that sums up “haun knitted” and supermarket Chinese meals (and that was after help from the chefs to construct the dish). Scores a -3. Noted recently you can buy a season ticket which gives you 4 visits for £16 that says it all! After the first visit unless you’re a student you wouldn’t go back.

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