Dragon Royale – Kilmarnock KA1 1PH

Kilmarnock’s newest Chinese restaurant sports a modern stylish interior finished to a very high standard. The food is an adventurous fusion of Chinese and European food, cooked and presented as well as you would find in any top London restaurant however all said and done I’ll let the food do the talking.

This is well worth travelling to and I score it a worthy 9!!……which has since been uprated to 9.5…… watch out Blair Tavern!

Dragon Royale on Urbanspoon


2 responses to “Dragon Royale – Kilmarnock KA1 1PH

  • Andrew Faulds

    Went here last night, and thoroughly enjoyed it. The décor is fantastic and ultra-modern. The whole place has a very comforting feel and the food is better than your average Chinese. There is also a European menu which offers a wide range of choice. The staff are extremely friendly and genuine and the pricing is very reasonable. Simply a must for anyone who hasn’t yet tried it!

  • James McBlane

    Dined at the Dragon Royale last weekend 19th February 2012. Had a delicious meal which was a mix of European and Oriental. An excellent standard of food and efficient charming staff made it a memorable evening.

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