Asha’s East Kilbride

I’ve raved about “Spice ” in EK however being unable to get at table at short notice I plumped for Asha’s and what a great night this could have been. The food was very very good however the whole experience was ruined by constant interruptions from the waiting staff (15 times to be exact) asking us if we wanted more drinks……they were queuing up to ask us. Good service yes but constantly butting in when you are deep in conversation is just a major pain in the arse.

The owners need to take a powder and sort this out but its obvious that the selling up frenzy is fueled by them.

Scores over all a miserable 4 but could be an 8!

Asha’s Revisited!….17th March 2012

A Saturday night and we arrived just after six without a booking however we were quickly sorted out with a table and asked for the fire exit to be closed as there was a cold draft. We then asked to be changed to another table as the air-con which had just been switched on was blowing cold and hard right straight down on to our table.

Settled at last I noticed that the order taker (Look at me I’m the boss) was flapping as the restaurant filled up whilst the two girls done all the work!……….and saved the day!

Order taker forgot to ask if we wanted rice or breads as he was too busy flapping and I had to call him back. The food was on par with my previous visit but Spice wipes the floor with them.

Something I failed to mention in my previous post is the fact that you have to enter through the carry out and when you get in to the carry out the door into the restaurant doesn’t have a sign on it………..that really is amateur hour in my book.

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