Chutney Blu Westwood Square East Kilbride

The name Chutney Blu immediately conjured up in my minds eye an ultra-modern style temple and boy was I suckered when I arrived. Its probably the most bizarre eating experience I’ve had for close on ten years and 15 minutes into the experience I didnt know whether to laugh or cry.

The place was empty apart from one couple having a domestic in one of the booths and a birthday party of about twelve people plus a splattering of kids.

In hindsight we should have made our excuses and left but it was getting late we were tired and wanted to eat. Settled for the buffet which we thought was the safer choice however I couldnt have been further wrong.
Firstly we were told by an old Indian guy that shuffled up to the table that the starters were ready and of course they weren’t and he had done exactly the same thing when it came to the main courses. He either has a warped sense of humour or likes to see if punters will accept any old dregs left in the bain marie. I dont think I have to tell you which it is………….as for the interior it looks like the local primary school were responsible for the design, I could go on about how dirty the place was but I won’t.. just give it an extremely wide berth and stick to Asha’s or Spice if you want a quality dining experience in EK.
Oh almost forgot to mention, just after we got our main course an impromptu karaoke kicked in (no mention of this at the front door or when we sat down!) and things just went from bad to worse. It certainly wasn’t a “Westwood to Bollywood” experience.

Scores less than zero

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4 responses to “Chutney Blu Westwood Square East Kilbride

  • Les Wolfe

    Have never been and judginging buy the comments I never will be going

    • Karen Deens

      Hi les
      I have been to said place and I found it fine. I am new to East Kilbride so I will have to try out some more places, Just got here and on my own so not easy ha. any ideas ?

  • Under the Grill

    Les thanks for your comments, I think by what you have commented on you are like myself a bit of a curry monster!

    Give Mother India’s Cafe a punt!

  • Saj

    I just ordered 2 burger meals. Delivery time was fine. Opened the polystyrene box & found fries uncooked & a hair inside along with the uncooked fries & burger. Called them to give feedback & the chap who answered the call didn’t really show any concern & said I will get a discount next time (how much remains a mystery). The place obviously lacks concern about hygiene or food poisoning & no customer service skills!! Enjoy your hairy burgers & uncooked chips people!!

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