Mother Indias Cafe Argyle St Glasgow (opposite the Art Gallery and Museum)

This is probably the best Indian Restaurant in Glasgow by a mile at this moment in time………an ever changing tapas style menu that is an absolute delight no matter how many times you go. The service is slick but definitely not pushy or intrusive and the fayre itself is sublime and amazing value for money.

Are there downsides? Yes, there are two to be precise, one you can’t book and two they allow children in. Can you minimise these problems yes you can…eat earlier than the prescribed busy times and secondly parents should take their children to the Art Gallery and Museum and tell them its Major League hide and seek and Mum and Dad are hiding first……..all be it in Mother Indias Cafe! They will be very tired and glad to see you when you return and chips and lashings of ginger beer should suffice to keep them happy on the way home.

A word of warning don’t confuse Mother India with Mother India’s Cafe.

Mother India Cafe on Urbanspoon

Scores a fabulous 9

2 responses to “Mother Indias Cafe Argyle St Glasgow (opposite the Art Gallery and Museum)

  • Andrew Faulds

    I went here after my friend recommended it. I have been to very few Indian restaurants and I wasn’t sure what to expect(or what to order!). However, when I arrived I found it to be a very comfortable place, with a great view overlooking Kelvingrove Museum. The menu was great, in that it explained what each dish was- something commonly overlooked in foreign food restaurants. It offers Indian in a tapas style, which is great for someone like me with little to no familiarity with Indian style food. My partner and I ordered four or five dishes between us and got stuck in, the food was really enjoyable and the whole experience was very fun. Not to mention the price, which was very fair! I will definitely be back soon!

  • Natley

    It can be bettered! Pop next door to dinning in with Mother India, the Den. It’s not tapas, a mere gimmick, but it is the same excellent food. Fantastic service and staff, better prices and a much nicer place to sit in. Oh, and you can book and can take children. Scores a ten from me, well worth the travel from Ayrshire.

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