Amber Regent 50 West Regent St Glasgow G2 2RA

This is the first posting for the Amber however I’ve eaten here a few times over the years.

The Amber is one of Glasgow’s best known Cantonese restaurants with a faithful clientele that swear by its service, quality and the ambience which I have to say it oozes, however I’m not one of the faithful and I left rather disappointed overall.

Immediate marks off for cold plates for my starter sui mai (pork dumplings), its one of my pet hates and they should really should know better, add to this the fact that Frau Bluchers chicken and sweet corn soup was tepid well lets just say it wasn’t a flying start.

For main courses……….I had the barbequed duck with soy sauce which was an extremely generous portion, very tasty, but was sliced way to thick for my liking and not as warm as I would have liked. Our other dish kung po chicken was just ok but again the noodles and rice weren’t warm enough. We arrived before seven pm so qualified for half price main dishes (Thank The Lord!) Our bill with 2 drinks was £40+……….needless to say with lychees at £5 on the sweet menu Frau Blucher opted for a “38p individual fruit triffle” within 2 minutes of our arrival back home.

The service was adequate but lacks sincerity and overall it scores a 5

As for Frau Blucher’s fan club…..see below (interesting cameo performance in the clip from which award winning American actor?………..your good if you can get this)

Amber Regent on Urbanspoon

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