Anise Indian Kitchen, 74 Main St, Prestwick KA9 1PA

Well for years I thought the planning department for South Ayrshire would never allow such a beast to enter staid old Prestwick Town……….competition to the Taj!! surely not?…………..well its not in the planning department in-tray its actually arrived, open and just across the road from the Taj.

My feelings about the Tajer are well documented else where and nothing would have kept me away once I knew Anise had opened.

Initial impressions were very favorable with a slick frontage and a warm contemporary interior however enough of the wall coverings what about the curry!

We were shown to an excellent table and our order for chicken and potato pakora followed by a lamb karahi plus a Delhi lamb with rice and bread taken a few minutes later.

Everything we had was way above average and thoroughly enjoyed with a few minor criticisms. The pakora wasn’t as hot as we would have liked but it was close and same to be said for the rice.

One thing did slightly spoil the atmosphere the awful music…….strange strange piano music that had a “Russ Conway on acid” feel to it. Apologies to Russ of fingers missing fame and I couldn’t work out exactly why Billy Connolly “everyone’s gone to Dunoon” was playing in the bog?

Prices..well if you want to go for a ruby murray and get gassed, order 3 times as much as you can actually eat and fall back out the door yes you will be well out of pocket, otherwise its not cheap but you get what you pay for and it’s worth it.

All in all if you dine in Prestwick and like Indian fayre you now have a REAL alternative.

OH!!…….It would be wrong not to mention the service tonight, we were greeted and served by a charming young waitress 18 ish who couldn’t have done more to make our stay any more pleasant. Head waiter done his job efficiently and stayed in the background……….the way I like it!

Scores an 7.5 and I think it will improve.

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