Sunnyside Cottage Nurseries Moscow Ayrshire KA3 6HY

Stumbled upon Sunnyside hidden away just off the A719 that leads to Galston from the M77 (follow the Galston cut off).  What can I say but its the best cup of tea / coffee  in the West of Scotland by a mile ……as for the home baking and soup?………..I could take up gardening seriously. (all the eggs used in the home baking etc are produced by free range hens that you can meet in person when you visit!)

I had the nicest toasted cheese and Ayrshire bacon toastie that I can remember and was almost  reluctant to tell you the location it was so good!

This really is is a hidden gem just 20 mins drive from the Kingston Bridge and they actually GROW the plants they sell on site. If you want to avoid the B&Q’s,  buy the best in plants and………… enjoy some home made fayre then get the sat nav on and head for Sunnyside Moscow!

Great place to meet or take your “wee mammy” to for a treat and meet genuinely nice people that know all about plants!………….

Sunnyside Cottage Nurseries on Urbanspoon

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