Nachos 15 Skirving St Shawlands Glasgow G41

If you are a bit slow on the uptake its a Mexican restaurant however from one look at the exterior it didn’t do much for my confidence on the basis of first impressions.

The restaurant is upstairs and I have to say initial impressions improved the higher we got.

The welcome was warm and genuine and we got the table we asked for which wasn’t surprising as it was very quiet.

Normally speaking I would have been looking for a get out of jail card in anywhere so quiet but something told me it had some promise and it did deliver.

Starters and main courses were both well cooked, tasty and authentic and I couldn’t fault the service.

If I had to find fault on the basis that you don’t have to be sick to get better…………..The decor is fine but lacks the final touches and props to brand it as truly “South of the border”… for the music well I think it could do with more traditional up tempo tracks and if you want a heads up on my idea of traditional check out this link

All in all considering its a relatively new venture……………I’d give it a 6.5 and think  they  will quickly improve on it  in the very near future!

Nachos Mexican Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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