Cafe Rio Hyndland St Partick Glasgow.

If ever there was a site with lots of potential it has to be the Rio however it appears to be run in such an arse over tit fashion more suited to staff than the customers. Talking of which the staff seem to be in permanent “we’re not morning people” mode that never wears off. The interior is neither café nor bar more….mmm….. second hand dealer with a sense of humour and an odd selection of friends that hang out.

The food itself isn’t bad at all however it’s hard to enthuse about it whilst some staff exude a “couldn’t give a toss” attitude…..especially the one we got………she’d put Frau Bleucher in the Glee Club

Perhaps I should try night time when the living dead come to life.

Rio Cafe on Urbanspoon

2 responses to “Cafe Rio Hyndland St Partick Glasgow.

  • Ross

    You’ve actually got this posted under the wrong place on urbanspoon!

  • Under the Grill

    Ross up until a few days ago it was as it should have been on Urbanspoon so something they have done at their end has created the problem. I have emailed them asking for a prompt response to sort out. Thanks for pointing it out



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