Shimla Pinks Glasgow

Shimla Pinks I have avoided up until this evening on the basis that I always felt it looked shabby from the outside plus being brought up in a generation where if you wore a pink shirt you would immediately be deemed to be “light on your loafers” it just seemed better to avoid than take the plunge.

Well I didn’t wear a pink shirt for the occasion but I can say it wasn’t nearly as painful as I thought it might be in fact I rather enjoyed the Shimla experience!

Early signs were good with an efficient telephone booking made with a very charming lady and a warm welcome when my self and Frau Blucher arrived. I did wonder on arrival why the front door was pinned back open but all was revealed when we were informed that the central heating was jammed on at full pelter!!

We opted for the pre theatre @ £7.95 for 2 courses which they run 7 days a week.

We chose pakora / chicken chat for starters followed by a lamb bhoona and a lamb with mint for main courses. Everything arrived piping hot and for the money I couldn’t fault the fayre.

The interior is modern if a tad tacky (knocking shop pink and black) but its clean and well laid out with lots of space between tables. The music is traditional Indian which I have to say I really do like however the service!!!……….well they have this to a T it’s how it should be done, genuinely friendly, efficient, unobtrusive and we will return!

Shimla for me scores a 7 and I think this could be more when I try the a la carte next time around.

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  • utg1010

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    Revisited the Shimla a month or so ago and was totally disappointed with both the food and surly service. I complained about the lamb tikka not being done in the tandoor and was told this was how they aways done it……………very strange indeed………..a particularly poor experience which merits a score of 2 out of 10!

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