Yadgar Calder St Glasgow

I was given a steer by another blogger to the Yadgar on Glasgows’ South Side which prior to going to I was well aware was more of a carry out / Pakistani Café than a restaurant.

My reason for visiting was my eternal quest to re-discover a place serving the Bhoona of 1960’s and 70’s Gibson St as served in the Himalaya and Steakhouse Ten (Mr Goshal I still speak of your excellent establishment!), The Agra, Green gates, Kohinoor and the Shish Mahal (which was vastly over rated).

For some reason the style and taste has disappeared and the last time I tasted the exact Bhoona was in a restaurant at Clarkston Toll now known as the Minar. This was as recently as ten to twelve years ago and the only man I know that could identify the chef was a very distinctive waiter that worked all over Glasgow that had long hair and was very charming to boot. Much to my dismay the restaurant closed suddenly and was reborn as the Minar which had a modern interior but crap food. If you can shine any light on where I can find the Gibson St Bhoona please mail me!

To come back to the Yadgar it doesn’t take a lot of summing up but it was unbelievably noisy at 5.00pm, the service didn’t really exist and the food was mediocre and very hot. The texture of the chicken was consistent with the pre cooked chicken that lots of carry outs now use which resembles a chicken pellet of regular size and dubious texture.

All said and done we paid and left never to return. For the record its not licensed.

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