Minar Tandoori 122 – 124 Busby Rd Clarkson Glasgow G76 8BG

Minar Tandoori 122   – 124 Busby Rd Clarkson Glasgow G76 8BG

I’ve not been in the Minar for at least 5 – 6  years and unlike many wines it hasn’t improved with age.

The “slick new modern interior” is actually the old interior with some contemporary fixed seating and chairs and paintings of Glasgow added.

The crockery (pink and light grey) dates back to pre Minar days as does the carpet. As for the table cloths and place settings I can only assume the bosses wife got a sewing machine for Christmas……………or is it Eid?

The lighting is abysmal and generally taking everything into account the interior is rather tired.

As for the food …..to start extremely dried up mixed pakora followed by two reasonable curries however the boiled rice was not  the fluffy basmati we know and love but  a small grained inferior variety.

Have to say no complaints about the service but then again with 2 customers at 8.30 on a Saturday night that’s not really surprising!

Scores a 4 I’m afraid

Failed to mention that the draft lager should be avoided unless they start cleaning the pipes.

Minar Tandoori on Urbanspoon

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