Longhouse Restaurant 130 Titchfield St Kilmarnock KA1 1PH 01563 535130

Titchfield St Post Office?

Not the most salubrious of areas in Kilmarnock to site a restaurant, half a mile out of the town centre, in a sea of double yellow lines that will make parking an issue at most times of the day, however, inside and out the former pub and more recently One Thirty Restaurant has had the magic paint brush liberally applied although the layout is virtually unchanged.

The interior is a mish mash of styles with a monster triple mirror ball dominating the restaurant area that would have Louie Spence searching for his dancing pumps. All in all inside and out I wasn’t keen on the design…..it certainly isn’t Buzzworks standard.

Ate there last Thursday night for the second time and what struck me instantly on arrival was just how many women you can fit into a restaurant on a Thursday night? ……………how can I describe it?………. a plethora of hen nights or is it a gaggle, no doubt someone will mark my card.

The food is well above average by Kilmarnock standards and everything we had and anyone seated close to us had wide approval.

The service was excellent, not a word I get to use very often when describing service in Kilmarnock so hats off to the Buzzywuzzies for getting it right again.

I’m not sure that twelve quid for a lasagne or a fish supper on the A La Carte menu will wow all and sundry but £9.99 for two courses in the early bird menu is proving very popular albeit the choice I find rather limiting.

Longhouse scores a 7
The Longhouse on Urbanspoon


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