Akbars 573 Sauchiehall St Glasgow G3 7PQ


The Bradford legend has popped up in Glasgow on the former site of Balbirs Tiffin Rooms just a kick in the shirt from Charing Cross.

We were met at the door by the Head Petal Thrower and immediately taken to a first class table overlooking Sauchiehall St. The interior is modern but tacky by upmarket Glasgow standards but as ever we weren’t there to lick the wall coverings.

At first I thought we were going to be subjected to the big sell up but our order taker (aka the waiter) Nixon…El Presidente to his friends, very quickly got the message and realised we knew what we wanted and didn’t need any sales pitch.

Tandoori lamb chops and keema and cheese samosas to start followed by chicken karahi and lamb and potato balti was the order of the day.

The chops were a bit different from what I expected…….not your usual over the top tandoori spice mix but a far more subtle flavour, deliciously tender with a hidden kick…!

The samosas are delicately flavoured and probably best enjoyed without having a lamb chop before trying.

Both curries and starters were delightful and refreshingly different to the fodder served up in the  run of the mill curry shops that seem to be on every corner these days however there is competition on their doorstep and you can rest assured that old chestnut the Shenaz wont be lying down to their new neighbours. (takes note to self..why havent I been at the Shenaz this year?)

Have to say for a city centre restaurant the prices were very very reasonable however marks off for no draft beer, weird music and delivering the bill before its asked, that may be ok in Bradford but definitely not in Glasgow!

Before anyone that tries it has a seizure there is vegetable pakora but its well hidden amongst the vegetarian section of the menu.

All in all I thoroughly enjoyed the food and the Akbar experience…I’ll give it 7.5 and shall return.


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