Asmaan Tandoori 22 Bath St Glasgow G2 1HB

We arrived at the Asmaan during Glasgow’s monsoon season which if this summer is anything to go by runs from June to the first week in August. We moored our canoe as close as possible and swam for the Asmaan front door.I have to say that having been aware of the existence of an Indian restaurant on this site for many years nothing, based on the exterior, nothing would have dragged me in until I read a review by “tamtam” on Urbanspoon Glasgow extolling the virtues of the “Asmaan Bhoona”.

Before you walk through the front door you know your not entering the Taj Mahal however in a bizarre way you are entering something that’s a wee bit unique and I’ll try and explain why.

We were met by a colourful character who I assume is the head honcho and boy this guy can work a crowd. During our stay we ear wigged in on conversations and the number of tables that he knew everyone by their first names, what they drank etc etc all in all the floor staff were a well oiled efficient machine.

Started with a top class veg pakora (well you have to it’s the law!) followed by the karahi bhoona and Frau Blucher had the meva massala a very mild dish with lots of ground nuts. Blucher wasn’t keen on the meva however the waiter did say it was a dish for wooses.

The Bhoona was close to as good as it gets these days and I admit to using the last of the nan to get every last we morsel out of the karahi and off the plate

The Asmaan is a without a shadow of a doubt is a shining example of a restaurant for punters that appreciate great Indian food (without having to fore go your Queens Park season ticket) and appreciate the non pretentious “Glasgow” welcome.

The interior is extra tacky with rope light round the windows, dried flowers on the tables, cut glass mirrors and lots of pastel pink everywhere however given the quality of the food I could just get to like it in a strange perverse way!

Great service, excellent food, a genuinely warm welcome and they can expect me back very soon.

Scores an 8

Asmaan Indian Restaurant on Urbanspoon

2 responses to “Asmaan Tandoori 22 Bath St Glasgow G2 1HB

  • Ross Watt

    I first visited the Asmaan Indian Restaurant, after coming back from London to visit my Aunt. We decided to go out for dinner and hadn’t gone out to have Indian food in a while. When first entered the restaurant, the atmosphere was welcoming and the decoractions seemed simple but friendly. The staff were very friendly and helped us decide what to order. We had the chicken curry with garlic nan. It was most delicious, we had a couple drinks and had a gulab jamun ice cream desert (I had never had it before) which was amazing! The Asmaan really knows how to make it’s customers happy and next time I visit Glasgow, I’ll definitely be visiting again! I was able to find this restaurant with the help of Urbanspoon.

  • Abid islam

    The Asmaan Indian Restaurant,Like my

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