Jade “Enter the FishTank” Dragon, 9 Templehill, Troon

Troon town centre should be able to support 3 or 4 decent restaurants, however in town many have tried and failed including Costley & Costley’s Apple Inn and the former Togs café that was converted to a stylish Italian Restaurant which didn’t last any time at all. That brings me nicely to the Jade Dragon which now occupies this site.

I had heard good reports about the Jade however my visit didn’t pan out the way I would have liked in fact it was a bit of a disaster.

The welcome was fine and we were shown to a table that immediately started alarm bells ringing when I clocked the place settings and the décor.

The original design when it was converted from the famous “Tog’s Café” to an Italian was quite tasteful however this had been changed by painting the main restaurant walls a “jade” colour whilst everything else was left the same apart from the addition of some 1960’s Chinese cheap and nasty memorabilia and a fish tank full of baggie minnie’s….well that’s how it looked from a distance. Have to say if you must put a fish tank in a restaurant make it colourful and preferably some tropical marine fish.

The restaurant wasn’t busy and unfortunately the young waitress who had a voice like “foghorn Dreghorn….sorry leghorn” conveyed every ones order and complaints in our case to all and sundry before repeating to the kitchen with equal gusto……great lungs!

The food was very poor, over salted over cooked and I will leave it at that.

Being very honest we couldn’t wait to get out.

Scores a 2

Jade Dragon on Urbanspoon

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