Italian Caffe Albion St Glasgow G1 1NY……..a tale of two diners!

Please note not to be confused with The Italian Kitchen in Ingram St which I believe is the wee brother / big sister of the Caffe!

On the recommendation of Scott ‘gimme’ Muir (see elsewhere on the blog) I thought this had to be worth a punt and it was and…it was’nt.

Six thirty Saturday night and the Merchant City is already buzzing. We arrived bang on time and were shown to our table slap bang next to the fire exit a table I would always avoid on the basis of drafts alone however having only booked that afternoon beggars cant be choosers on reflection it might have been an idea to at least ask for a change.

First impressions were…… ITS REALLY NOISY! and so it was to be for the duration of the meal. When we arrived there was no background music playing which was rectified about 15 mins after we arrived however the table of 10 plus punters that contained 5 Irish boys with their volume controls set to max would have drowned out the Phoenix Choir in full kilter.

The food…………ordered 4 dishes from the small plates selection which included an Italian sausage pizza, chicken kebab, lamb and chick pea stew and a courgette and onion frittata and there the tale of two diners evolved

The mini Italian sausage pizza was amazing………….the chicken kebab was nice but under seasoned. The she devils dishes were not acceptable, the frittata was burnt on the bottom and totally tasteless whilst the stew was unbelievably tasty but over salted……….what a great pity it really was delicious.

Its always difficult when it comes to rating an establishment that has fallen down badly on some dishes so I think I will reserve overall judgement until I return.

Have to say staff as a whole were very very good and handled our complaint quickly and without fuss they are to be commended

Next time…perhaps lunch!

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