Himalaya Tandoori Restaurant Cardonald Glasgow G52 3TN

I was looking forward to visiting the Himalaya after many great meals albeit latterly, a very bad experience. A prolonged closure followed and it finally reopening with a few glowing reviews from varying dubious sources and tales of a major refurbishment having taken place.

First thing that struck me as we entered was the broken tiles in the entrance way… very off putting…………first impressions and all that!

Climbed the stairway to the restaurant to find it more or less empty which again doesn’t bade well with me.

We were greeted by a cheery Glasgow keelie and I asked if we could have a nice warm table and beckoned towards the booths to which she replied “are you having the buffet or the a la carte” I replied well we’re not sure so perhaps we can have both menus and make our mind up. She went on to explain that if you’re having the buffet then you sit over there (over there being timber flooring and no nice booths) and a la carte we could sit in the booths. In an empty restaurant on a cold Sunday night in the current financial climate I would happily have allowed patrons to dine naked in the seat of their choose if that was their thing!

The waiter wasn’t even vaguely friendly and went through the motions of taking our order whilst trying to constantly sell up……par for the course I suppose.

It wasn’t going to be a long affair so it was a pakora to share which was excellent but served on cold plates followed by a couple of curries (served on the regulation cold plates) which were better than a lot I’ve tasted however the constant “another drink…more rice…..another drink perhaps“just wore us out and we asked for the bill and left. Hot plates seems to something that although it should be regarded as a very basic ask is taboo in Cardonald, however I can’t think why.

The Hima has had a makeover however its soul less and the choice of décor is just ok but for an extra few quid it really could have been at least up to scratch.
A trip to the cludgie before we left revealed no make over there…………perhaps that would have been a bridge to far and not deserving of the local clientele.

I would note that if your feeling depressed the music played that night would tip you over the edge.

I left this review several months before writing so it’s probably been dumbed down a bit if truth be told but all in all it’s a great pity because it could be oh so good (based on the food alone) in an area that’s bereft of good restaurants.

Scores a 4

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