The Wee Cucina 205 Fenwick Road Giffnock Glasgow G46 6JD

Wee Cucina

Visited the “Wee Kitchen” on a rather bleak Sunday night in January after a 5 minute rake about on the net for something different to try.

Arrived to be given a very warm welcome on such a dismal damp night which is always a good start. In so many restaurants if its not busy staff switch off because they don’t want to be there at the quieter times and service suffers…not at Wee Cucina!

Ordered up and took stock of what the “kitchen” interior has to offer…………..I like it but it lacks the last 15% to make it zing. Perhaps hard to judge on such a depressing night but I’m positive £500 well spent on some odds and ends to dress the place would make a noticeable difference as it lacks a bit of soul.

Started with meatballs………best I’ve ever tasted and Frau B had the battered zucchini..very light, very subtle, delicious!

Moved on to an Italian Sausage pizza which was not bad but way over stacked with cheese and topping causing it very quickly to loose its crispness but that not a hard one to fix!! Bleucher had a pasta dish which she can’t remember which says it all.

Service was attentive without being overbearing and I felt very comfortable albeit in a near empty restaurant.

Toilets I felt need a wee makeover asap they are just a tad tired

All in all I like the “Wee Cucina” and we will return.

Scores a 6.5 which can definitely be improved upon with a few bob spent

Tel: 0141 621 1903

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