The Shenaz 17 Granville St Glasgow G3 7EE 0141 221 8528

Ask yourself a question……….did you ever eat curry in the Agra, Himalaya & Steak house Ten, Shish Mahal, Kohinoor or Green Gates in Gibson St in the 70’s & 80’s? and if you did and wonder what’s getting served up today in the myriad of so called curry houses, your right the traditonal fayre enjoyed then just doesn’t seem to be out there unless that is you chose the Shenaz.

Its been yonks since I visited but last weekend I renewed an acquaintance with an old friend and I feel I genuinely have an old school Glasgow curry house to seriously rave about. For years I’ve yearned for that special flavour that 90% of today’s Glasgow curry house chefs wouldn’t know if it slapped their face.

The Shenaz, shadowed by the magnificent Mitchell library, is located in Granville St and has been at the same location for 50 years!……that in it’s self is an impressive statistic!!
In recent times its been given a much needed makeover, not that it was down at heel just in need of a of a welcome to the 21st century wake up call.
The service is slick……and I mean slick, not in your face however just on the case.

Their pakora is very special and a throw back to how some curry houses made it in the 70’s although they’ve have used the extra years to perfect it….they even have the old style pakora sauce (dark red, slightly sour, hot) mmmmmmmmmmmmmm! They do serve the yogurt based sweeter version too so no worries.

I had the lamb bismal (on the bone) a staff favourite apparently and I can understand why. I’m sorry I can’t describe what it’s like just go sample it……………curry heaven…trust me!

Given the city centre location, the décor and service this really is a topper and to really put the lid on it probably the best value for money in the town! Have to mention the generous portion sizes, you won’t leave hungry.

I have a small confession to make……..I would never normally go to the same restaurant twice in one week but there is the odd exception, the other is Pappadoms in Ayr!

For the record second time around I had the chicken bismal………lamb wins it!!

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Scores a fab 9 / 10

2 responses to “The Shenaz 17 Granville St Glasgow G3 7EE 0141 221 8528

  • Scott Muir

    Been to the shenaz a few times and never left disappointed with the food, but have recently been to Akbars across the road which you recommended to me. I must say that both the food and service were a cut above the rest. Was there with my Maw,Paw and brother who was visiting from His new home Krakow in Poland. We are all curry monsters but he is especially and thought the food was superb. Remembered that you said service wasn’t as good last time you went but we were served by a great guy called ‘ Navid ‘ who was on the ball all night!! I had a dish called meat feast which had just the right amount of spice!! Get yourself back there!! Top notch!!

    Scott ( formerly of Gimme )

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