Battlefield Rest 55 Battlefield Road, Glasgow G42 9JL



This Glasgow landmark, built in 1915 became ‘B’ listed in 1981 and was a news stand and busy waiting room and lavvies for tram passengers. In 1998 a demolition order was imposed  by Glasgow District  Council Building Control  because of the unsafe and partly damaged structure of the building (this sounds about right for Glasgow District Council)…..all said and done a petition saved the day and in 1993 a local Italian business man renovated and converted  this piece of Glasgow history to a restaurant for all to enjoy

I’ve been once to this restaurant a good number of years ago which I remember most because the elderly lady sat next to me became extremely unwell and the fact that ambulance not arriving for 30 minutes. In hindsight we could have carried her to the Vicky in under 3 minutes. ……all said and done I don’t remember anything about the food simply that it hadn’t been a memorable experience for the right reasons.

Visited again recently on a Saturday night the only table available being early doors, however it was almost a full house for the early sittings and that was encouraging.

Menus and drinks were served quickly efficiently and with a bit of Italian style followed hard on the heels by our starters.

Overall the food was excellent and I wished I had ordered pizza after seeing what was coming out of the kitchen.

The décor is a tad unusual however such was the buzz and genuine warmth of the service provided  I think I could forgive them for that.

It’s excellent value for money overall and they provide drinkable Italian plonk by the carafe / ½ carafe as well as draft Moretti……..nicer than Peroni I think!

I would say it’s a must to book at weekend and we shall return!!


Scores on the doors for the Rest………………..7 out of 10 on the night and I think perhaps on another day could be an 8 or even a  9!!


Tel 0141 636 6955

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