Café Asia 1357 Barrhead Road, Crookston Glasgow, G53 7DA



This restaurant has had some good reviews elsewhere however that’s where they will stay.

Booked a table early on a Saturday night and after a wait were shown to a table in an elevated area. A quick look around and I wondered if someone had access to  Doctor Who’s prop room……. A very strange mixture of fixtures and fittings however we weren’t there to be astro projected through time and space quite simply there for a good curry.

Starters were fine however that’s when the Laurel and Hardy music started playing…………and unfortunately no one was directing the orchestra.

They must have had my list of pet hates pinned to the back of the kitchen door and were following them to a ‘T’, it didn’t matter what it was it was we got the opposite of what it should have been, from cold plates to shockingly poor service and to cap it all every 20 seconds the sound of compressed air escaping from where I don’t know to mix with the awful music being played.

I don’t blame the staff I blame the person responsible for letting them loose on the public without proper training………………paid and left.


Scores a 3 only because the untrained staff were trying albeit failing.

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