Multan Tandoori George St Paisley

Situated in a back street off Causeyside St the Multan could easily be missed which in retrospect may be a good thing!! The frontage is tired and the interior dated by today’s standards however I was hoping after getting a favourable heads up from someone in the food trade that the Multan was going to serve up an Indian feast to behold……………….The reality wasn’t even close.

I’ll start with the positives! Both starters, a poori and a tandoori chicken were acceptable even although the chicken was way over spiced albeit perfectly cooked and so ends the positives.

The restaurant was more or less empty when we dined however in the kitchen it sounded like they had a cement mixer going and the traditional Indian music which I enjoy, however not at three times the volume, was an obvious attempt to drown out the kitchen machinery. Service was just ok probably a bit on the slow side given the place was empty however the main dishes were so predictable and more in keeping with the tired fodder served up in the majority of West of Scotland takeaways.

Its reasonably clean however my partner wasn’t impressed with the cleanliness in the ladies loos.

Couldn’t believe the bare faced cheek of the waiter when paying the bill using a card at the table when he asked “didn’t I want to leave a gratuity?” after I had entered my pin…………..well that comment made sure the coins I had ready for the tip stayed where they were.

Time to leave and as I stood up  I realised how hard the fixed seating was to the extent that I thought my arse had fainted.

The Multan needs to realise that its not 1973 and get with the program……………with this in mind it scores a 3.5 out of 10……..still can’t believe what the waiter said!!!

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One response to “Multan Tandoori George St Paisley

  • andy wilson

    i don’t know which Multan you were at but what is written here is a bunch of pretentious crap-I’ve been a customer of this restaurant for 20 years and have had consistently great meals from the Multan-The waiter asked for a tip did he? funny that-Multan has an all female waiting staff!-think your a balloon pal!

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