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Shimla Pinks Glasgow

Shimla Pinks I have avoided up until this evening on the basis that I always felt it looked shabby from the outside plus being brought up in a generation where if you wore a pink shirt you would immediately be deemed to be “light on your loafers” it just seemed better to avoid than take the plunge.

Well I didn’t wear a pink shirt for the occasion but I can say it wasn’t nearly as painful as I thought it might be in fact I rather enjoyed the Shimla experience!

Early signs were good with an efficient telephone booking made with a very charming lady and a warm welcome when my self and Frau Blucher arrived. I did wonder on arrival why the front door was pinned back open but all was revealed when we were informed that the central heating was jammed on at full pelter!!

We opted for the pre theatre @ £7.95 for 2 courses which they run 7 days a week.

We chose pakora / chicken chat for starters followed by a lamb bhoona and a lamb with mint for main courses. Everything arrived piping hot and for the money I couldn’t fault the fayre.

The interior is modern if a tad tacky (knocking shop pink and black) but its clean and well laid out with lots of space between tables. The music is traditional Indian which I have to say I really do like however the service!!!……….well they have this to a T it’s how it should be done, genuinely friendly, efficient, unobtrusive and we will return!

Shimla for me scores a 7 and I think this could be more when I try the a la carte next time around.


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Sunnyside Cottage Nurseries Moscow Ayrshire KA3 6HY

Stumbled upon Sunnyside hidden away just off the A719 that leads to Galston from the M77 (follow the Galston cut off).  What can I say but its the best cup of tea / coffee  in the West of Scotland by a mile ……as for the home baking and soup?………..I could take up gardening seriously. (all the eggs used in the home baking etc are produced by free range hens that you can meet in person when you visit!)

I had the nicest toasted cheese and Ayrshire bacon toastie that I can remember and was almost  reluctant to tell you the location it was so good!

This really is is a hidden gem just 20 mins drive from the Kingston Bridge and they actually GROW the plants they sell on site. If you want to avoid the B&Q’s,  buy the best in plants and………… enjoy some home made fayre then get the sat nav on and head for Sunnyside Moscow!

Great place to meet or take your “wee mammy” to for a treat and meet genuinely nice people that know all about plants!………….


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Mother Indias Cafe Argyle St Glasgow (opposite the Art Gallery and Museum)

This is probably the best Indian Restaurant in Glasgow by a mile at this moment in time………an ever changing tapas style menu that is an absolute delight no matter how many times you go. The service is slick but definitely not pushy or intrusive and the fayre itself is sublime and amazing value for money.

Are there downsides? Yes, there are two to be precise, one you can’t book and two they allow children in. Can you minimise these problems yes you can…eat earlier than the prescribed busy times and secondly parents should take their children to the Art Gallery and Museum and tell them its Major League hide and seek and Mum and Dad are hiding first……..all be it in Mother Indias Cafe! They will be very tired and glad to see you when you return and chips and lashings of ginger beer should suffice to keep them happy on the way home.

A word of warning don’t confuse Mother India with Mother India’s Cafe.


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Scores a fabulous 9

Shimla Palace Titchfield 43 Street Kilmarnock KA1 1QS (opposite the old cinema)

Converted to an Indian restaurant about 3 years ago and until now has had a chequered history however it now seems to be getting established and overall the standard by Kilmarnock expectations is easily met.

They specialise in a large buffet which having tried 3 times now is far better and more varied than the boring Jewel in the Crown.
They do a 3 course business lunch for £3.95 plus a 5 courser buffet from 12 noon til 3 for £5.95!

The staff can’t do enough to help and nothing is too much bother. Not a showstopper but looking at a six with further progress on the horizon…….way to go Shimla!


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Ruby Chinese Restaurant, Sandgate Ayr

One of the many Chinese restaurants caught in a time warp but still trading well enough to survive.

Visited this restaurant on a regular basis many years ago but I’m happy to say although it may not be a palatial interior, the level of service and more importantly the the food still passed muster for the price you pay. I had the combination lichee dish (not to be confused with lychee the fruit, lichee in this case meaning little chilli which was excellent but not too hot to send you into shock!)
Score out of ten……….a 5.5

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One Thirty Bar and Restaurant Kilmarnock KA1 1PH


Slightly out of the town centre and fairly recently was converted from a pub. The décor is what you would expect complete with the large patterned wallpaper and standard lamp shades used on pendants in abundance. The food and service were fine but something is missing and I’m not sure what. Note don’t sit near the fire exit in poor weather as you will have Hurricane Annie blowing up your right trouser leg. Scores a 6.0 but could do better.

Word on the street is………….operators have thrown the towel in and it’s reverted back to owners Buzzworks, interesting if its true…….stop press……..the workmen have moved in and it looks like game on for something a bit different from the previous operation

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Dragon Royale – Kilmarnock KA1 1PH

Kilmarnock’s newest Chinese restaurant sports a modern stylish interior finished to a very high standard. The food is an adventurous fusion of Chinese and European food, cooked and presented as well as you would find in any top London restaurant however all said and done I’ll let the food do the talking.

This is well worth travelling to and I score it a worthy 9!!……which has since been uprated to 9.5…… watch out Blair Tavern!

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