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Yadgar Calder St Glasgow

I was given a steer by another blogger to the Yadgar on Glasgows’ South Side which prior to going to I was well aware was more of a carry out / Pakistani Café than a restaurant.

My reason for visiting was my eternal quest to re-discover a place serving the Bhoona of 1960’s and 70’s Gibson St as served in the Himalaya and Steakhouse Ten (Mr Goshal I still speak of your excellent establishment!), The Agra, Green gates, Kohinoor and the Shish Mahal (which was vastly over rated).

For some reason the style and taste has disappeared and the last time I tasted the exact Bhoona was in a restaurant at Clarkston Toll now known as the Minar. This was as recently as ten to twelve years ago and the only man I know that could identify the chef was a very distinctive waiter that worked all over Glasgow that had long hair and was very charming to boot. Much to my dismay the restaurant closed suddenly and was reborn as the Minar which had a modern interior but crap food. If you can shine any light on where I can find the Gibson St Bhoona please mail me!

To come back to the Yadgar it doesn’t take a lot of summing up but it was unbelievably noisy at 5.00pm, the service didn’t really exist and the food was mediocre and very hot. The texture of the chicken was consistent with the pre cooked chicken that lots of carry outs now use which resembles a chicken pellet of regular size and dubious texture.

All said and done we paid and left never to return. For the record its not licensed.

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Cafe Rio Hyndland St Partick Glasgow.

If ever there was a site with lots of potential it has to be the Rio however it appears to be run in such an arse over tit fashion more suited to staff than the customers. Talking of which the staff seem to be in permanent “we’re not morning people” mode that never wears off. The interior is neither café nor bar more….mmm….. second hand dealer with a sense of humour and an odd selection of friends that hang out.

The food itself isn’t bad at all however it’s hard to enthuse about it whilst some staff exude a “couldn’t give a toss” attitude…..especially the one we got………she’d put Frau Bleucher in the Glee Club


Perhaps I should try night time when the living dead come to life.

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Jewel of India Ayr Road Cumnock KA18 1EQ

Now this one almost slipped through the net in terms of a review!!…………I visited about 3 months ago and what can I say but this restaurant has a captive audience being a fair drive from its nearest competitors and its bourne out in the mediocre fayre it serves up.

Its a long time since I was made to feel uncomfortable by the quality of service provided but this takes the biscuit. Surly, totally uninterested, didnt know anything about the menu and was obviously missing the bingo to be our server the wee soul………….it gets worse!

The food passed as being Indian probably because of the colour more than anything. If you live in Cumnock trust me, this isn’t Indian food as it should be served. The restaurant itself is a strange mix of dated tired fixtures & fittings and needs a new owner and a total refit…….call Gordon Ramsay?

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Charcoals, Renfield St, Glasgow.

Not an area of the City I feel particularly comfortable in on a Saturday night at 8.00pm however decided on this restaurant due to the number of positive reviews else where. In hindsight I wish I’d never come across them.

Booked a table and arrived on time but had to wait for a table admittedly not for long. Once seated I got a chance to look round and I can only describe the decor as a bit on the bizarre side and something told me things were going to go downhill from here.

The starters, when they finally arrived (we were contemplating sending out for chips by this time) were nothing to complain about however the main event i.e. the curry sauce had a strange broth like consistency and a taste that I’d rather not put my foot on or in.

The service was a shocker largely down to the fact that there were too many hungry punters and not enough Indians. I was informed that they were a member of staff short that night but he must have been an octopus as another 3 wouldn’t have gone wrong. Have to take my hat off to the head wallah who kept it going whilst taking a lot of heat from the “I’m no happy” brigade.
Scores a 3 and nothing would drag me back!…Abysmal

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Chestnuts Old Racecourse Rd Ayr KA7 2UZ

I was under the impression that the Chestnuts had been taken over by the Buzzworks group (Elliot’s Scott’s etc) and I was dissapointed to find that although they bought the hotel they sold it before seriously upgrading it took place.
All said and done its still a welcoming place however for me the food was nothing special and you could get the same or better in any of the surrounding hotels. Attention to detail doesn’t come high on the kitchens list with gravy slittered over the edge of the plate and a mint dip in a small dish looking decidedly 2nd hand. As an aside like so many other Ayrshire restaurants of this ilk it seems pre requisite that all veg be flavoured with garlic without flagging the fact or offering plain veg as an alternative……I personally dont mind it if I’m in the mood but I suspect some of the older clientele which were in abundance at the Chestnuts would be put off. It seems to me Ayrshire needs less sheep and more head chefs that apply common sense based on their current position and not where they would like to be……I score the “Nuts” as a 5

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The Royale India Restaurant – Newton Mearns Glasgow G77 6UT

Had one reasonable meal but after that it wasn’t very good sporting a very predictable buffet and a rather dour owner. As an aside I watched a Border Patrol programme the other week and the owner is featured having employed illegal immigrants that were taken away in the big black van from the restaurant. Scores a 2.

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Athena Restaurant – 1116 Argyle Glasgow G3 8TD

I believe this is the grandson of the Athena owner that was over on Pollokshaws Rd which has now changed to something else. I was really looking forward to going here expecting great things however the food was far from what I experienced at the old Athena but, it was early days and I hope they have improved. Scores a 3.5.

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