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provide the best quality products for our customers

Our Product Guarantee

Under the Grill strives to provide the best quality products for our customers. We are an artisan butchers that only sources the freshest meat from HMC accredited suppliers.
Our meats are sourced from suppliers that follow the strongest ethical processes. This includes raising animals in humane, cruelty-free conditions, while ensuring no harm or stress is caused during their transportation.
We believe no animal should ever go through any unnecessary pain, injury, or harm during their slaughter, choosing HMC accredited suppliers with cruelty-free and ethical processes.
As we only use HMC accredited sources, all animals receive the upmost respect and care before and after their slaughter. Animals are happy and healthy prior to their slaughter, with minimal suffering occuring during the slaughtering process.
This not only guarantees the most ethically sourced produce, but also the highest quality halal foods for our customers to enjoy.
All products purchased from Under the Grill come with a full guarantee, giving customers the peace of mind that they are buying their halal food from ethical sources. We believe in clean, pure, wholesome, and good produce.
If there are any problems with your products from our halal butchers, we are happy to accept returns.